What applies to you

For most USC employees, the information throughout this open enrollment site applies – but there are a few exceptions.

Three employee groups have entirely different benefits and open enrollment information, and due to those differing plans they do not qualify for the various wellness incentives.

For all other benefits-eligible employees, the primary difference between various groups revolves around the choice of HMOs – whether they can select the Kaiser HMO, the Anthem Blue Cross MyChoice HMO, or both.

Employees represented by:

  • CNA Keck/Norris
  • NUHW Keck
  • NUHW Norris
May choose ONLY Anthem Blue Cross MyChoice HMO – not Kaiser
All other benefits-eligible employees not part of any other groups mentioned on this page May choose ONLY Kaiser HMO – not Anthem Blue Cross MyChoice HMO

Note that everyone in the above chart also may choose a third HMO option, a different Anthem HMO simply known as Anthem HMO. And of course, they also may select the USC EPO or PPO.

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