Healthy choices incentives

Our healthy choices incentives are designed to encourage you to take an active role in your health care and to help USC provide health resources that will best support our employees.

Here’s how to save $780 or more off the cost of your health costs this year – and scroll down for more detail on each of these incentives!

2020 healthy choices incentives
If you And you do it You’ll save
Are tobacco-free and verify that you do not use tobacco products Online while you’re enrolling for 2020 $25/month ($300/year) off your medical plan contributions (applies to employee only)
Complete the health assessment (questionnaire and screening). Registration for the incentive is available through July 31, 2020. No later than November 30, 2019 to receive the incentive beginning January 1, 2020. For those completing the screening between January 1-July 31, 2020, your incentive will be applied beginning the next pay period. $40/month ($480/year) off your medical plan contributions (applies to employee only)
Enroll in the USC Trojan Care EPO or USC PPO and designate your in-network primary care physician (PCP) At least 15 days before you visit the doctor $10 off your copay every time you visit the physician’s office, excluding visits to a specialist (applies to each family member who designates a PCP)
Participate in a fitness activity Anytime in 2020 by registering at WageWorks to submit a qualified fitness expense for reimbursement $220/year on your fitness activities (note this incentive is subject to all federal and state withholding and all employment taxes) See our printable fitness incentive factsheet!

ATTENTION employees represented by Keck/Norris CNA, Keck NUHW, and Norris NUHW: The information on this page does not apply to you if you enroll in the Anthem MyChoice HMO, or use one of the Opt Out options. To review your details on the Employee Gateway – click on your union page in the bullet points below.

What’s involved

Tobacco-free credit: During open enrollment in Workday, you will have a choice to “waive” or “enroll” in the tobacco-free credit. Select “enroll” if you do not use tobacco – or if you commit to enroll in a tobacco cessation program – and you will pay $25 per month ($300 per year) less for your medical plan. Select “waive” if you use tobacco products. If you don’t complete open enrollment in Workday or if you do not click the “enroll” button, you will not receive the $25 credit each month. This credit is available only for you, not for your covered dependents.

Health assessment credit: See this quick summary of the process. Note that you can complete the in-person screening at an onsite USC event, through your doctor (including results from a physical up to six months prior), or at select LabCorp locations. Tests include:

    • Body mass index (BMI, calculated from your height and weight)
    • Waist to hip ratio measurement
    • Blood pressure
    • Cholesterol and blood sugar (glucose), through a simple finger-stick blood test (just a few drops)

The confidential results—your “health numbers”—can help with early detection of a variety of conditions, which makes treatment simpler.

Primary care physician (PCP) discount: If you enroll in the USC Trojan Care EPO or the USC PPO and designate a PCP for yourself and each of your covered dependents, you will receive a $10 discount on your copay amount each time you visit the physician’s office (excluding visits to a specialist). That can really add up if you see the doctor a lot. Be sure to designate your PCP at least 15 days before your next appointment to receive the credit. This discount applies to each covered family member with a designated PCP and is only available through the USC Trojan Care EPO plan or the USC PPO plan. 

Fitness incentive program: Do you have a gym membership? Take fitness classes? Work with a personal trainer? Play on a sports league or team? Use a fitness device? The WageWorks Fitness Incentive Program will help you save money on your healthy lifestyle choices by reimbursing you for many of the most common health and fitness services and activities – up to $220 for 2020!

The program is simple. You pay fitness expenses as you would normally, save the receipts, and then file a claim at (if you have a flexible spending account, this is the same login). You will be reimbursed through automatic payroll payments. You can sign up for this incentive anytime starting January 1. Eligible expenses include:

  • Memberships and fees – gym, fitness center/studio, health club, swim & tennis club, etc.
  • Fitness/nutrition counseling
  • Fitness/sports classes/instruction (including martial arts, yoga/Pilates, meditation, etc.)
  • Sports leagues/teams
  • Weight loss or smoking cessation programs/challenges
  • Race/walk registration
  • Fitness devices (Fitbit, Apple watches, etc.)

See our printable fitness incentive factsheet!