Everyone enrolls for 2021

USC benefits-eligible employees should all re-enroll in benefits in Workday during this year’s open enrollment (some employee groups have different benefits – see note at bottom of this page). As in past years, re-enrolling is the only way to get your health assessment discount, or a Flexible Spending Account. And this year USC is offering a new suite of insurance options through MetLife, requiring you to designate a beneficiary – you will take care of all of that in Workday as well. And – for employees who live in California but have dependents residing out of state or in Northern California, USC is offering a new health plan option, the EPO Plus, to provide out-of-area dependents with coverage where they live. See the What’s new for 2021 page for the list of changes.

All the information you need (access below, or from the navigation bar above):

  • See the What’s new for 2021 page.
  • The Review your benefits section is the heart of this site, where a dropdown menu shows each type of benefit action you can take during open enrollment. NOTE: Once you open the “review your benefits” page a helpful navigation menu will appear on the right so you can visit the different benefit pages more easily.
  • What to do and when includes the nuts-and-bolts of how to prepare for and complete your open enrollment, and important dates
  • Find help fast will help you do exactly that – whether you need our own HR Service Center or one of the benefit providers – contacts are all here.
  • And finally – want to print summary information to share with your spouse or family members? See our series of printable factsheets and summaries (you will also find them throughout the site).

What happens if I don’t complete my open enrollment in Workday?

  • Your beneficiary for your USC-provided life insurance will not be designated. (See the What’s new for 2021 page.)
  • You will be automatically re-enrolled based on your 2020 medical plan election, covering the same dependents you currently cover. (If you waived medical coverage in 2020, you will not receive medical coverage for 2021 unless you enroll.)
  • If you cover your spouse or registered domestic partner, it will be assumed they have employer-sponsored medical coverage available, so you’ll pay an extra $100 per month (the working spouse surcharge).
  • You won’t be able to use either a health care Flexible Spending Account or a dependent care Flexible Spending Account for 2021.
  • You will miss the one-time opportunity for supplemental life insurance no health questions.
  • Any other benefits from 2020, not mentioned above, will remain the same.

Watch your email inbox – and your postal mailbox too!

Announcements will come your way throughout the open enrollment period via your Monday morning Gateway Connect email and system emails from Workday, as well as a few selected additional reminders. In addition, watch your mailbox for some timely reminders during the next few weeks, including a number of informational items from MetLife.

Important notes

  • At any time, please direct questions to the HR Service Center at (213) 821-8100 or uschr@usc.edu.
  • If you miss your email from Workday telling you it’s time to enroll, you can log into Workday and you’ll see an item in your “inbox” that will open your open enrollment task.
  • All new plans and rates take effect January 1, 2021, and all benefit information will be available on appropriate benefit pages of the Employee Gateway at that point. Your 2020 benefits and rates are effective through December 31, 2020.

ATTENTION – Employees represented by Local 11, or Verdugo Hills employees

If you work at Verdugo Hills Hospital, or if you are represented by Local 11, you have different benefits and open enrollment information, so some of the information in this site does not apply to you. Please see below for details: